Research Themes

Theme I: The Patient: Self-Managed Care, Technology Uptake and Behaviour

This theme addresses the use of Internet-support technology to deliver self-managed care to patients with cardiovascular disease directly into their homes to improve patient care and outcomes. The majority of management strategies for cardiovascular disease depend primarily on patient self-management, uptake and behaviour change with other factors such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring requiring active interaction with the patient care providers.

Theme II: The Provider: Integration of Clinical Care

This theme addresses the use of telehealth to integrate clinical care to facilitate shared care between primary and secondary care providers. As a complex chronic disease, the management of cardiovascular disease involves physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and multiple health services. Clinical integration can be defined as the sharing of care between different levels of providers to improve health outcomes and create system sustainability.

Theme III: Policy: Telehealth Policy and Health Human Resources

This theme addresses the implications of telehealth services on health care policy and vice-versa, and the impact of these services and policy on health human resources. The fundamental nature of telehealth is borderless electronic networking with the capability to transcend geo-political, socio-cultural and temporal boundaries. For telehealth to function effectively, a clear and supportive policy environment is required that facilitates and manages inter-jurisdictional telehealth and integrates it with existing health policy.