Peer-support mobile app helps women with cardiovascular disease


BCATPR Members Scott Lear, Brodie Sakakibara and Emily Ross, along with other researchers, recently published results from a study looking at virtual peer-support networks for women with cardiovascular disease (CVD). The study tested a mobile phone app, Healing Circles, which was intended to provide participants with the opportunity to access peer support for CVD.

The study tested the program's effect on self-management, social support and health-related quality of life. Participants were happy with the concept of using m-health for peer support, and after 10 weeks of using the program, there were improvements in participants' health behaviours, self-monitoring, social support and social integration.

Self-management is useful in patients with CVD for preventing further complications, and peer support can be an effective tool in helping them stay motivated in maintaining their health efforts.


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